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December 22, 2013, 1:20 am
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The Wake by Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy takes us into the mysterious depths of the ocean and serves up what initially appeared to be a tale of man taking over another part of the earth.

Set on an oilrig owned by Homeland Security we have a mis-match of a team pulled together for a sci-fi/horror tale.  The capture of a strange animal/being gives the team the focus of their investigating, an investigation that questions the history, evolution and future that they may all be expecting.  Although this 10-issue series has hit the midway point and it’s just starting to take a completely different direction than I was expecting…..much bigger than I was expecting and one of the must-reads of 2013.  Snyder’s on top form as he captures the claustrophobic setting perfectly…..bring elements of The Abyss and other sci-fi moves a together that are emphasized even further with Murphy’s amazing artwork.


A top creative team bringing us a comic series that seems to have developed its own niche as it’s taken us in a fairly specific, non-hero direction – before turning that on its head in the most recent issue.  Keep a close eye out for those covers too as they connect to give us one panoramic scene…….something I didn’t pick up on until the latest issue (and after speaking with the artist at Thought Bubble this year… seems I’m not the only one that seemed to have missed that).  Dark, smart and action-packed – this is a GREAT title to get hold of now while you can.


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