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December 22, 2013, 1:19 am
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Judge Minty

After the 2012 release of Dredd (one of the BEST comic book movie in years…..well I think so) our hopes for a follow-up were shot down in a wave of hi-ex fire……but that was eased slightly this year with the Judge Minty Fan Film.

Set in the same universe and following Judge William Minty – an aging Judge still fighting the good fight in the streets of Mega-City One but his age is starting to slow him down and that’s something he soon realizes in among his most recent case.  So bruised, battered and injured he realizes he has a choice to make while in his hospital bed.  He can ease into his old-age by teaching at the Academy or take justice into the Cursed Earth and continue to make a difference as best he can……of course, he chooses the latter and the scum outside the walls of Mega-City One are soon in his sights.


A phenomenal fan film that firmly solidifies the need for the gritty world in the 2000AD universe to continue to appear on our screens.  Saddened at the fact Dredd missed out at the box office and failed to set it alight….the hopes of a sequel are still there for most of the fanbase.  A fan film of this quality along with a campaign to drive Dredd back into the Blu-Ray/DVD charts would surely make way for another big screen offering…..but only time will tell on that one.  Judge Minty plays it’s part on making sure The Judges stay fresh in our minds with a smart, and tightly scripted film raising the bar for low-budget fan films….and that’s low-budget in comparison to the Hollywood offerings…..the look and feel of the film are first class…..the casting and acting are spot on…….and this is well worth heading on over to the website to see it.


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