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December 20, 2013, 1:23 pm
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Comic Book Displays

If like me, you’ll have a collection of signed comics with some variants and some standard covers mixed in for good measure and they’ll probably be all bagged & boarded and in a box……and that last part has been a real tough one to get around until recently.

After scouring comic marts, eBay, Amazon and the world wide web via Google it almost seemed impossible to get hold of an affordable way to display your most prized issues that are hidden in your collection.  That was until I discovered the Comic Book Displays Team based in Michigan in the US…..finally a company that seems to just “GET” that there are issues out there that are real works of art…..or even hold some sentimental value that should be on display on your walls.  Be they CGC graded or even just carefully bagged & boarded

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While they stock a standard set of frames and colours…..they’ll also go that extra mile for you and customize a frame to suit the exact issue you want to display.  Something they’ll do for prints too that I discovered recently and these frames are high quality, easy to use frames that keep those comics (or prints) safe.  If you’re a collector, or even if you own one amazing comic that’s signed by a big name then you really should be showing that off and get it up on your wall ASAP…..and for my money, I’d check out this groups website for what they offer.  I’d then suggest you get your thinking cap on for the customization and start working out how much wall space you can take up with your collection :D.  Get in touch with these guys and they’ll help you release those comics from their cardboard box prison and setup a gallery for yourself.

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