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December 17, 2013, 10:45 pm
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The Walking Dead Season 4

When I first had a go at reading The Walking Dead, I just couldn’t get into the flow of the title…..but something that helped that was the TV series.

Even though the TV series ventures away from the comic itself I was soon powering my way through the entire run in the hardback releases and while I may not be up to date…..I was soon well ahead of the show.  That being said, the series has remained a significant show for me to catch and this year’s release of Season 4 went from strength to strength as the body count continued to rise.  A body count that made sure that the “No one is safe” tag would be warranted as regular characters were established and killed off with a typical level of shock and disappointment…..but if anything, that’s only added to the appeal of the show.  Building to a mid-season finale that shocked to a whole new level with virtually no time for the characters to mourn and leaving a true sense of loss afterwards.  Leaving us, the viewer in-line with the characters as we were left wondering why did that have to happen? and what the hell were we going to do now.  That’s great TV right there and that helps the need to see the next half of the season even more……roll-on the second half.


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