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December 16, 2013, 11:08 pm
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Jupiters Legacy

Image Comics have always been a solid source of titles for my pull-list but with Mark Millar & Frank Quitely teaming up to work on this latest creation – the hype and buzz was stepped up a few gears.

End of the old-guard

Millar’s typical knack of tying in a world of superheroes to a real world of consequences is something that adds a different dimension to his work and helps this standout and with Quitely on-form……we’re checking the boxes with each issue.  Set in a hybrid world where celebrity and superhero are one in the same – the lack of limits for both are given a negative spin as the world of drink & drugs has captured a new generation of heroes.  Answering to no-one except the old-guard who are still very much in control… least to start with.  Opening slowly and beginning with a clear showcase of who the big players are in this new universe it soon builds to a significant confrontation and ultimately an uprising among the new generation that leads to the death of a significant member of the old-guard.  Taking risks with big characters so soon leaves me guessing what’s going to happen next and as this builds, Quitely is getting the chance to shine more and more as the action demands more and more of his impressive artwork.  A must-read from Millar who seems to be harnessing his pop-culture head again to create titles that are both amazing and relatable in equal measure.


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