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December 16, 2013, 11:07 pm
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Thanos Rising

A post-credits appearance in the Avengers movie may have got Thanos his big screen debut but earlier this year we got a glimpse of his early days in this 5-parter.

Jason Aaron writes a coming-of-age story that sees Thanos discover killing at an early age and become increasingly lost in his new found hobby…….death.  Killing animals and working his way up he quickly submerges himself in learning the world of science and becoming a more efficient killer.  Of course, that isn’t the whole story – his thirst for more death and more suffering sees him grow into the tyrant we know as he travels planets, galaxies and more dishing out death and then travelling back through to kill anyone from strangers, to friends and even his own kin.

Thanos......bringer of death

While that may not sound like the most upbeat story out there – I can’t help but feel that there’s always a morbid interest in the power that Thanos wields…..and maybe that’s part of his appeal.  Power and a non nonsense approach brings Thanos his “Destroyer” tagline.  Aaron builds a depth to the character across these issues and there’s an air of sympathy even during his most evil moments and while the darkness of the characters is there for all to see…..Simone Bianchi manages to bring us artwork of light, dark and intricate characters that just add to the interest on the tale.


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