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December 16, 2013, 11:06 pm
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Royal Descent #1

Taking on “the establishment” in comic books has always been fair game for indie comics but Black Hearted Press raised the bar with this release earlier this year.

True, it’s easy enough to take the big names in politics and the world of celebrity and throw a barrage of insults their way but to turn that into a thought-provoking story is more of a challenge.  That being said, John Farman manages to pull that off with ease as he lays out his story of Britain in the aftermath of revolution  where the top billing show on TV is a Hunger Games/Battle Royale style show where the Royal Family are fighting against each other to the death.  As you can imagine, the controversial aspect of the comic hasn’t gone unnoticed by the press as the tags of “sick” have being flying around to describe the release……but surely we’ve got to challenge the system that caters for the haves much more readily than the have-nots…….and we should be doing that in every medium we can harness a voice in.  While the message is clear from the foundation set by the story itself – it’s got the backup of John Howard on artwork as he creates the buzz that a public rising would generate.  Brilliant indie title to get into now.


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