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December 8, 2013, 11:46 pm
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Trinity War

In recent times, the “events” from the big two have been mainly a big disappointment……..ending up pointless or not really rocking the comic universe as billed…..but DC’s Trinity War was going to change that…..right??

RIGHT! – This event reached the heights promised from so many before it.  All centred on Pandora and the contents of the elusive “box” we soon saw the evil corrupt our hero’s thoughts with ease.  A full-on battle with magic taking control of the big DC names we know and love and pitting them against each other as they thirst for the power it offers.  The main event crossed through Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark and it brought out all the best elements of each to give us a 6-issue mashup/battle-fest with some key villains at the heart of the plot.

Crime Syndicate

What’s more of a surprise though is that it lead us into Forever Evil and the DC world being taken over by The Crime Syndicate from Earth 3….claiming the planet as their own and ruling with an evil, iron-fist.  Sharp writing, great art and paced perfectly for the 6-issue run…..something that other events can get wrong….either dragging it out or rushing it into 4-issues.


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