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December 4, 2013, 10:59 pm
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Gonzo Cosmic #1

Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get hold of a review copy of Garry Mac’s latest, Gonzo Cosmic – set for release soon but it impressed straight-away……and then some.

Released under the Unthank Comics print we have a smart, sci-fi comic that offers a multi-layered tale to help show off Garry’s writing and artistic talents.  The first issue of this 12-issue release lays the groundwork with a clear indication of something vast to keep track of.  Some recognized sci-fi elements exist here as alternate universes, technological advances and a case of vengeance blur together to twist our grey matter into over-drive but this has an EPIC feel to it.

Gonzo Cosmic pic 1

Yet again a quality title from the self-published section makes it onto my must-read pile…….but this one is worthy of an entry in the must-recommend pile too.  It could well be a leap given we’re one issue in but after enjoying this so much (reviewed here) I’m hyped for the journey these 12-issues will take us.  Kudos to Garry Mac for his work here and head on over to the Unthank website to pre-order a copy now.


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