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December 3, 2013, 9:00 am
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Lou Scannon #1

The first self-published title to make my list of highlights is Lou Scannon…..comedy gold in comic book form.

Now it’s no secret that this title is a favourite of mine, just look at the reviews of those issues and you’ll see – #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, & #6 but this is one of the many must-read self-published releases that I actively preorder as soon as I possibly can and on top of that, I’ve been lucky enough to catch up with the creators Kris Carter, Dan Harris & Jim Bampfield a number of times over the years.  A great bunch of guys pouring their collective hearts and funny bones into a sci-fi, comedy comic.

Lou Scannon #6

They’ve created a mish-mash crew that are exploring space with more than a hint of the Red Dwarf crew about it but there’s so many fanboy nods and hidden in-jokes that it’s a tour-de-force of comedy, action and timing.  I’ve giggled my way through those first 6-issues and we’ve seen the writing and artwork develop further in each of those.  The first 5 had a very sit-com episode feel to it but that took a step-up when their latest issue became the start of the epic storyline they’ve always had in mind.  Although the cliffhanger ending had me cursing their talented minds and they’ve even got a character based on yours truly…..which gave me a great laugh.

A personal favourite and one that you should be getting hold of over at their website….for that special someone this Christmas maybe? 😀

Lou Scannon Website


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