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December 1, 2013, 10:26 pm
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Sex Criminals #1

We kick-off our regular end of the year review with a daily highlight from 2013 and first up is ‘Sex Criminals’ from Image

Written by Matt Fraction with art from Chip Zdarsky it’s billed as a “Sex Comedy for Comics” and in a non-sexual sense, it pushes all the right buttons.  There’s a definite air of honesty about the title that tells the story of boy (John) meets girl (Suzie)….although they’re both very unique when it comes to their sexual development.  A coming of age tale where we see them discovering their own orgasms and the unbelievable effect that has on the world around them……it basically stops time.

Suzie and John

A chance meeting and the ability to talk to one another during that time-freeze is as big a revelation as the sexual discovery itself and 3-issues in the criminal element is just starting to appear but it’s been a welcome ease into the story as those first 2-issues were so well-written.  Smart, funny with a grown-up head on for openly talking about sex seems so obvious that it should’ve been done before but Fraction is at his typical best with this title.  Backed-up with a clean and level-headed approach to the art from Zdarsky and it’s another must-read title from 2013 which will stay on the pull list into 2014.


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