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And Then Emily Was Gone #2 cover

Another top release to look out for at this year’s Thought Bubble Comic Con is issue #2 of And Then Emily Was Gone from Comic Anon favourite John Lees.  Where issue #1 introduced the characters, this issue delves deeper into the mystery.

Killers a-go-go

Issue #2 kicks off with us following Louise & Vin as they pick up their next assignment/murder victim…..and it turns out to be Emily’s friend Fiona.  John’s easing us into how these plot threads are linked with ease and the quirky characters and significantly darker edge to the story is instantly intriguing.  A quick shift to Merksay and the investigation by Greg & Fiona sees them taking on a set of aliases to work their way around the locals to ask their questions.  Fiona’s disguise of bandages seems to be paying off as Greg’s strange ability to see and connect with the other side gives these characters a depth that was hinted at in that first issue.

The box in the basement of Fiona’s parent’s house also starts to become more significant as the dark and no doubt horrific part it plays in the mystery is starting to become evident……strange characters and island locals all seem to have a sinister edge to them…..and even Greg our ex-cop on his quest to discover what happened to Emily seems to have some sort of demonic side to him.


It’s all compelling stuff as it builds to the late night island investigations by Greg & Fiona that bring the horror to its peak……great stuff from John as he flips between those different story elements and plays with our minds as we try and work out where he’s going.  As that first issue converted me to a fan of the artwork from Iain Laurie…..I’m much more engrossed in it here in issue #2 as a result… captures the horror……hints at the unknown and helps to keep us glued to every page.

Brilliant stuff from both and all with Colin Bell lettering like pro again to complete the set and polish off another creative team.  Let’s not forget that the first issue earned itself 4 Scottish Indie Comic Book Alliance (SICBA) award nominations and this issue builds on that obvious success.  Some answers, more questions and even more demand for the next issue…..well done guys…..well done.



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