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Drowntown Booke One

Robbie Morrison and Jim Murray bring us book 1 of Drowntown – a sci-fi, noir-thriller with one of the coolest covers I’ve seen in a long time…….and the big question is “Is it any good?”

Flooded London

Set in a flooded, futuristic London steeped in just as much genetic mutations and corporate bad guys as it is water where our lead character, Leo Noiret comes in and our ex-cop/private detective/bodyguard is waste deep in his latest grimy case.  Our hard-luck hero has the task of finding out about the past of one of the richest women in London, Alexandra Bastet aka Empress of the Nile, who seems to have everything she could possibly want…..except her memories prior to her being 19.  That’s where Leo comes in and we can cue a swift mix between past and present along with Leo’s on-going investigation takes him deeper into an intricate conspiracy that covers all levels.

Leo Noiret

We’ve got a broad set of characters in this issue while the case unfolds as we see a local delivery group’s business take a hit and then we have talking rats that Leo turns to for info and then we have the talking monkey and fighting panda that confront Leo.  Now this could well have given us a melting pot of ideas that could have gotten messy but while the idea of a flooded city may not be new, the plot and script from Morrison is nothing short of genius…..dialogue, action and subtle hints to the mystery all unravel perfectly to give us the big reveal at the end and yet another occasion where I’m cursing a cliff-hanger ending to a book I’m engrossed in.

Monkey & Panda vs Leo....FIGHT!!!

In unison with the finely paced plot is the artwork from Murray which is breathtaking throughout as he combines a photo-realistic edge with the bizarre animal characters that appear.  Giving us a real-world feel to contrast with a futuristic world filled with deformed characters – a strange mix that works well.  Smart writing from Morrison and beautiful artwork from Murray make this a real surprise package for me…….and I’m clambering for details on the release of Book Two, something I’m sure to be asking Morrison about when he appears at Thought Bubble this coming weekend.



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