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Afterlife Inc. Lifeblood

Jon Lock’s latest release sees Afterlife Inc. hit its third volume following a VERY successful Kickstarter he ran earlier this year and given how good those first two volumes were – it’s no wonder that gave the Kickstarter the momentum it needed to meet its target.

Where volume 1 & 2 had given us multiple stories to take in within the same Afterlife universe…’s with this third instalment that Jon teams up with artists Ash Jackson, Nathan Ashworth & Michael Stock again to bring us a different approach to the Afterlife Inc. Universe.  A complete story captured in one amazing volume…..and I MEAN amazing, because the tight plot that Jon weaves through this release is fresh and exciting.


Jack Fortunes attempts to revolutionize the distribution of the energy source for the post-life inhabitants of Empyrean are met with some opposing views from the men in charge but that’s a subtle back story that’s mixed in with tales of spies and vampires.  Jack’s employee trying to spy on the undead underworld in the form of a cult of vampires with their sights set on sucking the manna out of everyone they can get their hands on.


A much darker tale unravels before us but the attempts of Jack and his team are ultimately rewarded with what seems like a victory……but also uncovers the true source of the challenge to Jack’s grand plans for manna and Afterlife Inc.  Jon’s got it all spot-on yet again as the mix of mystery, action, manna-sucking and espionage build to an ultimate showdown and the big reveal of what’s what in the high-powered world of Empyrean Politics….much to Jack’s annoyance…although you can be sure that he’ll turn all these things to his advantage.

Gritty artwork for the underworld is mixed well with the clean and sharp imagery for the everyday world that Jack and the billions of members in Empyrean exist in.  Safe to say the art from Ash & Nathan are as consistent as their work in the first volumes….with the added bonus that the continuous story in this volume allows they’re talents to shine throughout.  Smart panel layouts and savvy attention to detail with the placement and intricacies of the lettering just seem to polish off the entire package.


Truth be told, volume 3 of Lifeblood is the kind of thing I could see Jack Fortune himself selling to raise a pretty profit……and here’s hoping that Jon can do the same.  Making its debut at Thought Bubble this coming weekend… can take the chance to catch-up with Jon and grab the three Afterlife volumes and many more of his creations.

After that you can get your hands on a print or digital copy over at Jon’s online shop:

Jon Lock comics

You can also catch-up with Jon and his other creations over at his website:

Jon Lock’s Website 



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