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November 19, 2013, 10:00 am
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Gonzo Cosmic #1

Another first for my growing independent comic sees Unthank Comics continues its new releases with Gonzo Cosmic #1 from creator Garry Mac and a proper sci-fi epic that I know from issue #1 is going to mess with my head……BRING IT ON!!!

Gonzo Cosmic pic 1

Issue #1 is an introduction to the curious characters that seem to have walked out of Garry’s brain and appeared on the pages – with a sci-fi/superhero vibe from the off but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We open with our first glimpse of the Central Core and a bay of screens showing the world, universes and the possibilities within them and all before we ease into the latest FTL (Faster Than Light) Cruiser getting a typically over-the-top announcement from man in charge, Andel.

Gonzo Cosmic

Like any other launch – there’s a hijack and a few casualties along the way….although even that changes in the time it takes to draw the panels themselves.  The thing is, it works, it all fits together as Garry builds us a disjointed and changeable world that bring us face-to-face with some celestial-like beings that offer some explanation to the cause and effect of time-travel in the FTL Cruiser.

We see the victim of a shooting change; we see recognizable panels with a few slight changes a mere page away from each other that draw us in like the pages are filled with real-life black-holes.  This smart and complex approach to story-telling gives a loose vibe of Brian K Vaughn’s Saga and this release does have that same epic feel to this first issue.  Twists and turns bring us full circle to our opening images and the stark reality that it feels like we’ve just read more than a single issue

Gonzo Cosmic

The fact that it’s going to be across 12-issues has my brain creaking under the strain of trying to figure out where this title could go…….because I very much doubt I could imagine that even close to what Garry will bring us.  One issue down and I’m desperate for more already…..that’s gotta be a good thing, right?  Dust that grey-matter off and head over to the Unthank Comics website for this ASAP….then jump in that FTL Crusier and go back/forward in time to get another copy to read.



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