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November 17, 2013, 12:01 am
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Glasgow-based comic-book creator Garry Mac steps away from the confines of the 6-paneled world and showcases his work in a new exhibition being held at the Virginia Gallery over the next 2 weeks.

In this new exhibition he takes the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot and adds his own unique twist to the images and ideas they represent.  A deeply personal project that combines his passion for both the Tarot itself and his artistic creativity – that’s been months and even years in the making.  Covering the multi-faceted aspects of his life – personal growth, mental health, sexuality elements combine to what is a thought-provoking set of work.  The 22 pieces could well have represented a self-indulgent ego-trip, but the subtlety of his approach and minimalistic approach to each of them makes this a real success.  Steering clear of a “look at me” vibe with ease he’s left each image open for anyone to interpret in their own way – a fact that had my wife and I having completely different ideas of what specific pieces were capturing.

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(All photo’s by Fiona Watson Photography)

The artwork is clean and precise from Garry, something we’ve seen in his comic book work but the added personal touches and stark images bring his talents to the surface in a much more direct way than we’ve seen before.  A body of work that’s thought-provoking and a great conversation starter for those who visit the exhibit and I urge you to get along to it.  Rotarot runs at the gallery for the next two weeks, finishing on the 29th November – so go along with an open mind and you’re sure to come away with something to think about.  The pieces will also be for sale so keep an eye out for those once the exhibit has finished.

Head over to see more of Garry’s artwork

Garry Mac Art

and keep tabs on some of his comic book projects

Unthank Comics


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