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November 17, 2013, 11:31 pm
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Dungeon Fun #1

First release from Dogooder Comics sees an issue #1 that I’ve been hyped about since that first Facebook tease of an early image.  With previous collaborators Neil Slorance & Colin Bell bring an issue full of all-ages fun and slap us in the face with it like a wet kipper in an “a-la-Monty-Python style”

With a seasoned self-publishing creative team like that we were always pretty sure of a solid first issue – but the reality was actually much better than I was expecting.  I’ve always had a fairly open-minded approach to new titles from anywhere – be that the big publishers, the small press or the random folks who love to sketch/write about anything they can think of……but a fairly new addition to my reading pile has been the all-ages titles and if anything there’s a significant talent in being able to cater for as broad a market as they’re aiming at.


Dungeon Fun does that with ease with its mix of subtle in-jokes for the adults, the main-stay for many of those successful all-ages books.  That finely balanced approach seems to be something Colin was born to do – you just have to take a look at Jonbot vs Martha or any of his previous work to know that but this one has the air of something more epic to it.  Set in a mystical, adventure land where trolls guard bridges, knights go on quests and our central character, Fun (a human amongst trolls) goes about her daily life of making things out of mud and sticks until her latest creation is destroyed by a falling sword.  Living in the town of Mud, nestled below a bridge… was really only a matter of time that something like this was going to happen.

Sworn to act out revenge for the sword dropping and with her sights firmly set on the lazy bridge-guarding trolls above – there’s only one thing to do……go and see the town wizard, Mister Elliseye, for some guidance on where her quest should take her and what the prophecies say about her.  Before you can say three-headed dragon – we’ve got an adventure going on…..but you’ve really got to read this to take in all those quirky conversations and the all-out battle that sweeps us through the issue.


The pages are packed with some amazing art from Neil Slorance too and it perfectly complements the story from Colin… indie dream-team hitting us with their big guns……like the A-Team emerging from a shed with a cannon that fires vegetables.  A character called Fun and a title containing the word fun means they were hardly being subliminal with that message and I can imagine this being just as much fun to create as it was to read. Issue #1 ain’t out yet but I’m already wondering when #2 will be out – long live FUN!

This is due for release at Glasgow comic book shops and digitally on Wednesday 20th November with a launch event happening at Plan B Books – Dungeon Fun Launch Event

Will then go on a national release at the Thought Bubble Comic Con weekend.

Keep tabs on this one as the countdown to release continues over at the Dogooder website



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