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Forever Evil #1

DC’s latest crossover event saw Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark crossover in the 6-issue arc Trinity War and with Geoff Johns at the helm it’s lead us into Forever Evil.

Forever Evil #1 - 4-page foldout

Where Trinity War was the setup – Forever Evil is the realization of multiple worlds converging on our own world of heroes and villains…..where the heroes have come second in the pursuit of that top spot.  Although, it’s safe to say that the villains have much more defined ideas of the powers they have and just how they can be used to take control of anyone or anything in their path.  A who’s who of the villains we all know and love (although the Villains month covers fiasco hasn’t really helped our affections for DC) at a time when a new world order is in place….we have a cruel element in charge in the form of the Crime Syndicate a version of this Earth’s Justice League but the declaration of their death is touted like the latest headline…..not gossip but fact and I’m sure Johns will drip feed us the facts as we go.

Luthor vs Kord

Some key elements from this first issue have shown us Nightwing being captured and ultimately unmasked at the hands of the Crime Syndicate, we see the Teen Titans remain as one of the few hopes Earth has left and we even see Lex Luthor search the skies for Superman as this is a job he could deal with.  All glimpses at the direction this will take and there’s even a slight hint at the return of Ted Kord as his Thomas Kord chats with Lex about Kord Industries being the target of his latest hostile takeover and him wanting to save the company for his “son”……who knows what that strand of the story will bring us…..but there’s a Comics Anonymous member who’ll be more than hyped by that mere hint 😀

Nightwing unmasked...

Johns does what he does best in laying out the early strands of a tangled plot which he’ll straighten out for us as we go and there’s the backup of David Finch on art who has that mix of high detail and action just balanced as perfectly as he normally would.  So in a world where Evil in all its forms are in charge what can we expect – I’m at a loss to say exactly what to say but maybe that’s the magic of an event that doesn’t come in the form of a mere crossover.  Where it spans the entire DC universe and encompasses all titles but given how let down I felt by the promise the New 52 “reboot” had…..I’m still inclined to take this with a pinch of salt.  That being said, in the hands of Johns…..I can see something truly worthwhile coming from this event but only time will tell in the remaining 6 issues of Forever Evil.  Did I enjoy the Trinity War build-up to this? Yes.  Did I enjoy this? Yes.  That’s a solid start for sure and I’ll be sticking with this for the duration.



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