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Superior Spider-Man #17

It feels like a long-time coming but we finally have the return of Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-man 2099 and things kick-off with another interrupted day in Mig’s life.

Cue a quick change and we’re swinging through the futuristic up-town of NYC in 2099……and sure enough the appearance of a dinosaur and WWII bi-plane marks a typical time-travelling marker in what could’ve been another run-of-the-mill crossover attempt in the Spidey worlds.  True we saw something similar with Spider-Men from Brian Michael Bendis between Amazing and Ultimate worlds of Spidey…..but there’s something special about the 2099 incarnation that raises this above any other crossovers almost instantly……maybe it’s the ability to remind me of reading both characters when I was twelve…..and here we are……20 years later reading them both again.

Spidey goes back to the future...

Although, the difference this time round is that Peter Parker has been out of the Spider-Man story for months now and the Doc Ock version has brought us a much fresher approach to our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man……and has surpassed him in many ways with the good he’s done for the city.  So this clash of Spidey Ego’s brings us a much more entangled tale – and what’s strange for this issue is the lack of Spider-man on those pages – it’s very much focused on the story surrounding the need for the 2099 version to go back in time and intervene in a hostile takeover of Horizon labs, where Pete/Ock work.  A takeover railroaded through by Tiberius Stone……grandson of 2099’s Alchemax lab leader Tyler……secret father to Miguel…….so many plot twists and ties that you gotta focus on this one to keep up…..but it’s well worth it.

Superior Spider-Man

We close out this issue with a face-off between Superior Spiderman and Spiderman 2099…..Ock vs Mig……all in a battle to save the future……and this all feels new.  As if raising the bar wasn’t enough for Slott with the Superior title and giving us a fresh take on what this character can really achieve if he puts his scientific mind to it – he’s also brought Spider-Man 2099 into the present day with a smart plot seeped in the continuity of both worlds.Spidey vs Spidey 2099

Some die-hard fans have been out for Dan Slott since he “messed up” Peter Parker’s life…..but as I’ve said in previous reviews and above…..this is fresh…..this isn’t another rehash of Spidey fights villain, Villain escapes, Spidey fights villain……an endless cycle of a tried and tested story formula that becomes dated and stale within months, let alone years.  Now……I don’t know what the hell is going to happen with Spider-Man…..I don’t know when or how Peter Parker will resurface (although I’m pretty sure it WILL happen) and at the same time…..I’m content to read this title twice a month without knowing….as long as this exciting and new direction for the character is maintained.  I’m sure that’s not a popular view…..but it’s the reason I’m back reading Spidey every issue.



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