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INFINITY #1 AND #2 by G-Man

Infinity #1 and #2

So-called “Events” from the big 2 seem to come around as often as celebrity news and in most cases are just as pointless but Jonathan Hickman seems to be trying to break that cycle…..

I’ve had a fairly mixed reaction to Hickman’s work in the past….some great, some not so much and I know there are folks out there that can’t get enough of his stuff.  I guess that’s the very nature of being a fan of someone but I’m a fan of stories in general and in particular stories that I can either relate to or that make me think.  Something crossover events can lack as they aim for that blockbuster appeal in an attempt to grab a bigger slice of the comic book market but Infinity seems different and in it’s bigger issue #1, it almost feels like the weight of the story is there to be seen.


Infinity features all the key players you’d expect as The Avengers, The X-Men, The Inhumans, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Skree, Celestial Gods and many, many more are all wrapped up in a Galaxy-wide war with Thanos and his hordes as the key enemy.  Admittedly, I knew who Thanos was, I knew what he was but I hadn’t really read much with him in it but he’s taken a much more central and significant role in Marvel Universe since his end credits cameo in the Avengers movie.  Since then it feels like his appearances have all lead to this event and two issues into this 6-parter……I’m hyped by an event for the first time in a long time.

Hickman’s mash-up of characters and reveal of the plot just flows smoothly as he spread’s the good guys and bad guys across the galaxy as the initial battles kick-off.  All under the weight of an all-powerful, all-seeing Thanos and even though I’m fully expecting a win for the heroes – I’m a little less certain that will be without it’s casualties…..or even that the outcome is a dead cert.  Time’ll tell I guess but there’s no arguing that Hickman is setting out to shake-up the Marvel Universe in style and all with the artistic talents of Jim Cheung (penciller on issue #1), Mark Morales (inker on issue #1), Justin Ponsor (colorist on issues #1 & 2) and Jerome Opena & Dustin Weaver (artists on issue #2) – that team alone feels like it’s gathered for something big.


A universe-crossing, who’s-who event that works and even though I’m keeping to the core title alone……I am intrigued on what’s happening in those tie-ins, again that’s a first for an “event” release so there’s definitely something significant about this title.  Issue #3 hits tomorrow and maybe that midway point will mark how much of a shake-up this title is going to bring and just how winding the plot will be before we reach the end.  Catch this soon and you can enjoy the story developing and we’ll hopefully see Hickman hit new heights with this 6-issue arc.



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Totally agree, I’m 50/50 on Hickmans past superhero stuff but I’m surprised at how well his cinematic pacing is differentiating this event from the likes of Final Crisis or Fear Itself. Also his ties don’t feel half-assed so that’s a very welcome change from the usual Eventmas.

Comment by Leif

Yep – I’m the same with Hickman. Never really been sure of why so many folks rave about his work….when I read it I just don’t seem to get what he’s trying…..but with this…..there’s a definite purpose behind it.

Comment by G-Man

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