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What could be better than an indie/small press release?  How’s about a crossover between 2 indie/small press releases – where Jon Lock & Nich Angell join their creative forces AND creations together………….The Heavenly Chord does just that…..and I’M IN!

Opening with mad composer, Requiem, continuing his plans to control all worlds as part of his master plan but he hasn’t bet on the joint forces of Zachary Briarpatch and Jack Fortune although in this first part of the crossover, I don’t think it’s too obvious that a team-up was on the cards.  Zachary arrives in Jack’s Empyrean world with more than just a bump as he steps out of his self-made, impact crater and takes on the guards of Empyrean head-on.  Desperate to get his hands on the guitar-sword that he knows will make a difference in his on-going battle against Requiem.


Seems easy enough, except that Jack already has this in his possession and Zach’s one-man crusade/war brings him through the Afterlife cast and up the Afterlife hierarchy to Jack’s door…..and in true Jack Fortune style…..he gives him his weapon back and a job.  The team-up is ON and we’re ready for the age-old good vs evil battle.  Something this high-paced, opening part to the crossover ushers us through with style thanks to the creative forces behind it.  Jon brings us his typical winding, humour-filled characters and Nich’s bold-coloured artwork brings us the perfect support to that.  Part Scott Pilgrim, part Manga and all while bringing together two original worlds in an impressive opening issue.  If anything, my only quibble is that so much happens that it feels like it’s through part one before I can even take in what’s happening but then multiple reads of this type of quality work is never a chore.


This is released at this month’s Melksham Comic Con on the 31st August and I wish I wasn’t so damn busy that weekend to get my hands on a copy but I’m sure I’ll get the chance to grab one soon enough.  I’m also keen to know when part two hits but then patience has never been my strong point when it comes to comics I enjoy.  One to add to the collection alongside those Afterlife and 7String releases, and certainly one to give a try at Melksham (or whenever you can)

Kudos to Jon & Nich for this and you can keep tabs on the next part and their previous releases at their websites below.

Jon Lock – Afterlife Inc.

Nich Angell – 7String



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