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BAD SUN #1 by G-Man

Bad Sun #1

What could be better than a sci-fi story set in Glasgow???……How’s about two?  With another title from John Lees title already waiting to be picked up at this year’s Glasgow Comic Con.

Up first in this release is Chapter One of The Fall which takes place in 2078 in Glasgow, no over the top American City for the tale to take place but a tenement – already this has taken steps in a different direction from your a-typical, generic sci-fi tale.  Our cop Lenniidasz aka Lennii may not be your run of the mill cop, an alien working his latest case and taking the criminals on face-to-face….there’s fights mixed with cries of “Polis” in that recognizable twang and a brutal confrontation ends up on the tenement roof…..although we never quite get to see how this initial confrontation plays out as we flash forward 6 months.

Bad Sun Page 2

Lennii is still in the force but we get to know a lot more about him – having arrived on Earth after his spaceship crash landed, adopted by human parents in Superman style but Lennii doesn’t look human so he’s struggled to fit in.  This moves us along to his new position in the force, heading up the ETD – the Extraterrestrial Division a typical mix of outcasts in the force thrown together under his command to take out the biggest gang leader in town – Kreenif Hretegobun Du-Vyrax.  His violent gang causing chaos in the city and donning the buildings with their own distinctive graffiti ….so we’re setup with our good guys and bad guys but next up is a bit more on Lennii’s personal life.

Returning home from a hard day’s work to his human girlfriend, Sam, Lennii displays his most human drives, love.  Longing to be accepted completely there’s clear parallels with the world today which gives this story much more relevance and realism…..but then, quite often sci-fi captures a very real subject and brings it into the open in a completely uninhibited way.  This first issue closes with a flashback to the initial tenement-top encounter and the frustration and anger Lennii dishes out against the criminal he’s been pursuing…..brutal, honest and Glasgow-base, sci-fi realism…..a fun title for sure.

Great characterisations and a typically interesting plot from John Lees yet again and some stellar art from Chris Connelly brings a real quality tale to life……and the decision to keep things set in Glasgow offer much more depth and keeps it feeling fresh.

Who we are...

The second shorter story pairs up John with Jason Mathis on art and lays out a similar aliens arriving in Glasgow plot in Who We Are, And Where We’ve Come From.  A short history of the arrival of an alien race in Glasgow acting as a prelude to Bad Sun itself. Showing how the instant distrust sees these visitors locked up for questioning…..this all clears with time and we soon see that an aging alien is telling the tale to a classroom of the next generation of aliens on Earth.  Quirky and poignant in equal measure this is an interesting back-up story but one that works well and fits in with what we’ve seen before.

Seems like John Lees is going from strength to strength with titles like The Standard, And Then Emily Was Gone and Bad Sun – displaying his skills across multiple types of comic and being lucky enough to work with some top artists.  Another one for the list of small press releases we’re keen to see issue two of.



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