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July 12, 2013, 3:24 pm
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The Amateur Astronemer's Journal

One thing that an all-ages comic can give you more often than some others is the feeling of escapism – usually one of the reasons we gravitate towards particular forms of entertainment….which Comic Books no doubt are.  That’s something Neil Slorance manages time and again with his releases and in this latest offering he’s created something with real beauty.

A simple tale of our central characters day-job becoming too much and the need to escape being the solution to that overwhelming feeling the real world can give us.  Cue digging out her Dad’s old telescope and we’re on the road to the wild outdoors and a clear spot to take in the stars.  Some facts about the stars and the planets hides that age old metaphor of how small we really are where everything we’ve ever known is here on Earth……while the universe is vast and made up of so much more and I think that’s the real aim for Neil here.  As he’s made an all-ages book which will layout some of those space facts while with allowing that subtle realization to sneak into our heads.  With stars and planets viewed and reminisced over the return to the real world seems so much easier and this slight change results in bigger changes in our Amateur Astronomers life.


A punchy release from Neil and his art style just seems to be able to capture your imagination and reel you in with ease.  The 6-panel pages work well on that too giving you more than enough to take in and more than enough to relate to as well.  Well worth getting hold of at this year’s Glasgow Comic Con or direct from Neil’s site:

Neil Slorance Website



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