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Suicide Risk #1

Boom Studios is another publisher outside of the big two that I tend to keep an eye on with my monthly previews scan and the latest from Mike Carey caught my eye thanks to that pretty sharp cover from Tommy Lee Edwards…..I added it to my list (along with the next few issues) and thought I’d give it a go.

Supervillains vs Cops

First off, it’s not exactly a new premise with a world overrun with more superheroes/super villains than it knows what to do with but then that’s not unusual for the world of comics.  The difference comes down to the human element being introduced as that’s the real anchor in any story for us, the reader.  In the case of this release its cop, Leo Winters who acts as that anchor – caught in the middle of what seems like an unwinnable war against the city’s supervillains.  Dealing with action from the opening of the issue it’s a fairly hectic pace that whisks us along from page one.  The aftermath of the latest incident sees the full-on action contrasting against the family life, police reports and recovery of our average, everyday cop.


The twist here though, is that the powers can be bought on the streets if you know the right dealer and soon enough our main character is face to face with the opportunity to take on his own power…..more frustratingly for us, the issue ends almost as soon as it began and leaves us on a cliff-hanger with questions like “Is Leo Alive?” and “Did he get a power?” flashing around our head.   With action and moments of calm intermingled in this issue, Elena Casagrande on art and colours by Andrew Elder provide a solid backup to Carey’s events.  Lots of detail on characters given the broad range of powers on offer keep things smooth and even thought there are a few moments of colour-filled panels as opposed to the highly detailed ones that have gone before – there is still enough to see the potential this title has.

Carey & Casagrande combine well to build the mood in those different elements and Leo does seem like a likeable guy with all the frailties a human has in a world of powers.  The next few issues will show us if that potential is met and we’ll hopefully see the couple of gripes I have fade away with each issue but I have faith that we’ll get that.



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