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Wolverine #55 - signed Simone Bianchi

Following our visit to London Super Comic Con 2013 a couple of weeks back – we thought it was time for a giveaway from the Comics Anonymous gang……

Up for grabs here are some signed comics…….and we’ll throw in some extra indie reads that you really should have anyway.

First up is Wolverine #55 signed Simone Bianchi – cover artist and artist for this run in Wolverine.  We’ll throw in some indie issues with this prize too.

Before Watchmen Rorschach #1-4 - #1 signed Lee Bermejo

Then we have the Before Watchmen Rorscharch mini-series….that’s ALL 4 issues with the added bonus that #1 comes signed by Lee Bermejo.

All we need for this is more facebook likes – then we’ll pick winners out of the hat…..or at least from the Facebook post we have with a key question.

Spread the word and get your name in the hat.


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shared on both twitter and facebook 🙂

Comment by mary wilson

a competition you say….

Comment by The Legendary JK

my husband is the big comic fan. i just find room for his growing collection. (and no your not having my wardrobe darling thats mine)

Comment by cathie west

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