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Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

The Guardians of the Galaxy title is set to hit next month with #1 and it felt strange that Marvel would bring us a #0.1 (daft numbering again it seems) but this sets things up with an origin tale with a difference.

Star-Lord meets Meredith

Brian Michael Bendis on writing duties and Steve McNiven on artwork combine to push the Marvel Universe into space where there is just as much potential for amazing stories.  Until that issue #1 though, there is this origin tale of Star-Lord and it’s your basic Star-Lord crashes to earth, girl meets Star-Lord, Star-Lord falls in love with girl kinda story.  While it may be mostly set on Earth we’re always seeing hints of the fantastic world beyond the confines of Earth’s atmosphere.

Starting off 30 years ago we see Star-Lord crash-landing on Earth before being helped back to full fitness by Meredith……his future love and as he returns to his mission of protecting the Universe; we flash-forward to the days where Meredith brings up her and Star-Lords son, Peter.  Peter knows all about his father and following an attack on his home and the death of his mother we see the real direction Peter’s life will take.  His rightful place seems to be as the new Star-Lord in his role as leader of the Guardians and this is when we realize that it’s Peter telling his story to the their newest member Tony Stark.  This is a great read and Bendis just knows how’s to build things up and what’s more amazing on this issue is just how many panels are left without words….allowing McNiven’s art to tell the story.  If anything, it’s a much more significant way to touch on the intimacy of the romance in this issue and the switch to the action of an attack from alien invaders hunting Star-Lord himself.

Star-Lord, Tony and the gang

Setting things up nicely as writer and artist lead us through to that surprising moment when Tony Stark is talking to the Guardians on their ship.  Listening to Star-Lord as Gamora, Drax, Rocket Racoon & Groot mill about getting on with piloting the ship on their latest mission.  It’s got me hyped for the rest of the series and more intrigued with how this will be handled in the movie.  A great read, an amazing example of telling a story with pictures and allowing both Bendis & McNiven to shine across the length of the issue…..something I’m sure will continue in issue #1



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