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March 5, 2013, 5:53 pm
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Superior Spider-man 4

With a great opening start in those first 3-issues (reviewed here) we see Dan Slott continue to mess with Spidey’s life, head AND relationships…….and I’m loving it 😀

With Doc Ock inside Peter Parker’s head and pretty much making a Superior EVERYTHING in comparison to Pete it’s almost cruel to watch as the spirit Pete floats nearby being outclassed in as many different ways.  Turning his scientific know-how onto creating spider-bots to monitor the city in the last issue he moves on to create a new invention for the sole purpose of helping Aunt May’s recovery and all while being by her bedside as he should’ve been in about 50% of those previous 700 issues of Amazing Spider-Man.

Pete helps Aunt May

Spidey has mopped up the last of the Vulture’s henchmen from issue #3 and what’s just as surprising here is the typical bad guy escapes from “Maximum” security with the latest in this issue being a mass killer by the name of Massacre.  What’s different in the “Superior” title is that the violence of its villains seems a lot more real and visceral but with the recent approach from Spidey I’m fully expecting him to fight fire with fire when he gets his hands on him.

That’s got to wait for future issues though as the body count increases as Spidey picks up the trail before we’re given another curveball in the final panels as the Green Goblin makes an appearance.  All very much a frenzied issue and it was over before I knew it but I think that’s really down to the fact that the changes Dan Slott has brought make the issues SOOO much more interesting.  Strange that the torment of Pete in the background, the rise of the new Spidey at the hands of Doc Ock and the new direction for one of the biggest characters Marvel has on offer has been so complete and surprising.

The Green Goblin

While I know people will be against what’s happening here, haters gonna hate, I can’t help but feel that new life has been breathed into an aging character and even the escape of another villain seems to come across as something fresh.  There’s a big buzz around what could happen in issue #9 of this title but until then I’m inclined to just keep one eye on that and enjoy the current goings-on in Spider-Man/Pete/Doc Ock’s life.



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