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Injustice Gods Among Us #2

After picking up #1 (reviewed here) and enjoying this video game tie-in it was almost a given that I would get #2 to see how things went  – was #1 a fluke or was this really a hidden gem from DC?

Thankfully, it turned out to be the latter and we pick things up with Batman interrogating the Joker after he messed with Superman’s head at the end of issue #1.  Messed with it enough to have made him kill Lois and their unborn child……and with this issue Supes is out for revenge and taking no prisoners.  After trusting Wonder Woman with Lois’ body he heads full-speed to the jail holding The Joker.

Supermans loss

A brief face-off against Green Lantern sees him having his ring stripped from him and Superman reaches his destination before ripping through the Joker’s chest.  A distinctly different approach that we’re used to but only the beginning as Metropolis reels from the nuclear bomb set off by the Joker we see Superman hit his next targets……the heads of terrorist organizations and presidents around the world causing harm and risk to the innocents of the world.

Superman snaps

A declaration made all the more real with his worldwide TV declaration that he’s really hid behind his Clark Kent identity and let suffering continue in the world……something that will stop as of now.  There’s a quirky interlude with Green Arrow and Harley Quinn as he gets her to a safe house and firmly out of Superman’s main sights as one of his next targets.

This 2nd issue has much less of a disjointed feeling to the artwork as it’s stepped up its consistency from the off and the story is got a whole new & fresh feel to it.  In fact, this is the kind of story I wish we’d seen with the New 52 relaunch……a step away from the shadow & weight of continuity and taking existing characters in new, messed up directions.  Convincing me further to read the rest of this series and to get my hands on the game – great writing, an improvement in the artwork and a head-F$%& approach to characters that I haven’t really been drawn to in the wake of the New 52 reboot.  Still a pity it’s outside of the typical DC universe but it’s at least getting a proper release with these issues.



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