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BlackStar #1

The latest release from Abandoned Comics sees them release a superhero comic with writer and Abandoned Comics co-founder Mike Lynch (Nestor) adding another title to his name.

We open with a 6-page flashback to 1970 New Mexico as an alien visitor to a local gas station sparks off the FBI moving in with the army for back-up.  Fleeing on their spaceship they manage to leave one key artefact behind that the government team seem to have been aiming to get their hands on.

BlackStar - Trystan Mitchell

Flash-forward to the present and we have friends Brian & Chris caught up in a meteor shower that brings with it a narrow escape and the feds.  All is well at first until Brian starts kicking footballs through garage doors, lifting cars and grabbing the attention of the authorities with Chris being firmly caught in the crossfire.  Cue Brian’s  new found powers kicking in as he starts to glow white only to be completely neutralized by the FBI man in charge.

BlackStar appears

It’s here that we see the two friends taking turns at trying to aid their escape and they just start off on the run when the next tests turns up in the form of an Iron Giant.  Brian tries to go it alone but it’s when they work together that the escape becomes a success……or that’s what we’re lead to believe.  We close out this issue with the government observing Brian’s progress and claiming they’ll return with bigger tests for the new hero.

Another quirky tale from Lynch that gives a solid start to a new superhero title and with two very different artists involved.  The first 6-page flashback has a very definite, more detailed look to it from Trystan Mitchell before switching to cartoonist Dwayne Maloney for the majority of the issue.  While this could’ve seemed like negative change I actually think it worked out for this.  The change in feel of the story and the escape from that much more serious opening made this much more entertaining as the art & writing helped build the momentum almost like the best buddy action movies out there.

Well worth a read on its release as a download on their website – plus their other releases are still there too:

Abandoned Comics



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