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Avengers: Age of Ultron #0.1 FCBD 2012

With Age of Ultron set to kick-off next week I thought I’d take a look back at the first issue Marvel released for this as part of Free Comic Book Day in May 2012.

The issue centres around Spider-Woman aka Jessica Drew as she’s sent out on a solo mission as an Agent of S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) – an agency so secret that only a few of her fellow Avengers know of its existence and purpose.  Although it seems that leader of the Avengers, Steve Rogers, has been kept out of that loop.  So why is he hearing about this now…..well Jessica has gone missing after her solo mission turns up a who’s who of the Marvel Universe bad guys teaming up in their own team in pursuit of the being known as Ultron.

Jessica finds trouble

Jessica finds trouble

Their quest for the power it could give them is, as you’d expect, a step towards the most villainous of screw-ups – with all these Doctors and evil-geniuses you’d think they’d be able to think ahead at some point – dumbasses.  Another collective brain-fart sees them forget that the Avengers have Wolverine, a mutant able to track said brain-farts from half a world away – queue that cry of “Avengers Assemble” and Bryan Hitch opens up those EPIC 2-page spreads that make his artwork SOOOOO amazing.

What’s even more surprising is just how the face-off between the Avengers and the Brain-Fart Genius Squad (I added that name myself) they somehow trigger Ultron back into life and the stakes get raised in the matter of seconds/panels.  We get a Thor vs Ultron face-off that wipes out the entire bad-guy lab, although they DO manage to save Jessica…..things all turn a bit more ominous as Tony Stark can’t find any trace of Ultron or where he’s gone and all with the declaration that this is only the beginning of something much more significant for the Marvel Universe as a whole.

Tony Stark keeps morale high by laying out the end of the world

Tony Stark keeps morale high by laying out the end of the world

The 10-part “Age of Ultron” kicks off with 3-issues this March, as well as some impressive looking crossovers into other key titles.  Quite a long time has passed since this FCBD release but I think with the likes of Brian Michael Bendis & Bryan Hitch on-board that we’re sure to see a smart, funny, and well thought-out plot being backed up by the typical highly-detailed and expansive art from Hitch.  It’s sure to be impressive and it’s really the first major event in the new Marvel Now! world so I’m hyped already and counting down to those first few releases next month.



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