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February 19, 2013, 1:08 am
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Hellboy in Hell #3

After a strong opening couple of issues (#1 & #2) we fall further into Hellboy’s passed life in issue #3 of Mike Mignola’s triumphant return to art & writing duties.

Hellboy in Hell #3

I hadn’t really considered that Hellboy, of all comic book characters, could be haunted and yet his journey in Hell, his birthplace leaves him exactly that way.  With Mignola weaving some heavily poignant moments in Big Red’s journey of discovery and all while spelling most of that out in the artwork.  A dark, gloomy and intriguing world is laid out for all to see and for the most part it feels like we’re sharing in Hellboy’s pain.

A big red demon, who’s the son and rightful heir of hell with a big F%$£-off red right hand and I’m on his side…..feeling his pain….and hoping he’s alright with these revelations.  That’s how you develop a character and all while being able to scrimp on the narrative and speech in this third instalment….moreso than those first two and bring a top-notch, mythical story to life.  I can’t wait for the next part, can’t wait to see how Hellboy copes and what elaborate creatures we’ll see crossing Hellboy’s path in his birthplace but even though it’s a deep and somewhat sorrowful tone in the issue there’s still enough of a hint at the humour the character has always been able to muster.  A very human characteristic that helps elevate our central character to his typical best.

Hellboy in Hell #3

Triumph in the darkest of hours will surely come…..although I have my doubts over how this is going to play out exactly…..making it all the more frustrating that I have to wait until the next issue.  Still a must-read and still one of the most original and vivid characters out now.



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