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Injustice Gods Among Us

A comic book that ties into an up and coming DC game has all the early indications of being a typical attempt at a marketing exercise….where there’s no real gain or effort expected from what seems to be a throwaway release to get the game name out there……and I have to admit I was on the fence on whether to get this title or not………in this case I caved, I bought it and read issue #1.

Injustice: GAU

Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised by this first issue where the creative team have managed to keep the characters recognizable in a step out of the typical DC New 52 world.  True the costumes are recognizable with their bold colours and emblems but there’s a definite freshness to the story we have as a pregnant Lois Lane in her everyday life with Clark Kent aka Superman aka Kal-El.  With Lois heading off to her latest story and Superman heading off to save the world our story quickly unfolds.

A who’s who from the DC world drifts into the bigger plot the Joker has in action and with good guys and bad guys seemingly in the dark on what he’s up to we see him shoot Jimmy Olsen…..that’s a curveball to start with, we see him steal a submarine and kidnap Lois but it gets us closer to the Joker’s thirst for chaos.  Some kryptonite-laced fear toxin acting as the catalyst for the heartbreaking reveal of what Superman is seeing before his eyes – life, death and the atomic bomb all slap-bang in the middle of the DCU.

Injustice: Batman/Joker

A winner from a story point of view and the art is OK but I can’t really see why they’ve went with 3 separate artistic teams – all good in their own way but I’d have preferred it to have been consistent throughout.  It gives a smartly developed plot feel a little more disjointed but that’s a minor quibble on my part I think as it doesn’t detract from the issue as a whole.  Makes me want to read the next issue and makes me even more likely to get the game too i think…..although time will tell with that one.



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