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February 5, 2013, 9:00 am
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Deadpool Killustrated #1

I was on the fence on whether to pick up this title when I saw it advertised – where I enjoyed the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe 4-parter that was all but blown away with a fairly so-so vibe I got from the Marvel Now on-going release…..that being said with Cullen Bunn involved I thought I’d give it a go.

A glimpse at any of the covers will tell you that the aim is to set Deadpool loose on the classics, starting with Moby Dick in issue one….with more to come but that’s a fairly slim premise to base your opinion on.  Thankfully on reading this there is much more to it and it actually picks up where ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’ left off in a world where Deadpool has killed his way through everyone….or at least so you think.

He’s kept a small band of super-villains on-hand to put their collective heads together and help him layout his next plan……and with no Marvel characters to act as his targets – they aim bigger and look towards the many parallel worlds that they can crossover to.  After plotting things out for Deadpool he steps across into a new dimension and back in time to boot, although not before leaving his super-villain helpers a present – Deadpool droids that rip them to shreds… not make “friends” with Deadpool.

Deadpool vs Moby Dick

With things in the “now” taken care of, Deadpool starts slashing his way through Moby Dick himself and eases through enough blood-soaked pages to hint at the next classic being tackled in issue #2.  It’s the writing here that manages to keep my interest and given it’s a character I’m not exactly engrossed in it’s a significant success to be able to do that.  After Bunn’s run in the previously mentioned Deadpool title and more recently in the Minimum Carnage crossover there just seems to be something that fits in this combo of character and writer.  So much so that I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the remaining three issues of this run.  Bloody, comic violence mixes with some subtle humour and in-jokes that keep me hooked and the artwork ain’t bad either from penciler Matteo Lolli and inker Sean Parsons as they keep the tone that Bunn is aiming for on every page.  A shout out has to go to Mike Del Mundo for that cover too plus it’s popularity means it’s already went to a second printing.



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