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January 28, 2013, 9:30 pm
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No More Heroes #4

With the first 3 issues of this series wowing the Comic Anon gang and beyond… was with a mix of child-like excitement and a “damn it’s the last issue” approach but I ordered the last issue as soon as it was available, eager to see how it finished and kinda bummed that it has to end at all.

Last issue left us with super villain Jack Slaughter in the clutches of Black Fury & Sid and the infuriating unmasking which had us tilting the issue to see if there was any way of making out who it was…..well….maybe it was just me who did that 😀  This final issue manages to flashback and keep us in the here and now with some smart panel layouts and a keen eye set on how the end of Dark Justice at the hands of Jack Slaughter ties in with the recent unmasking of Jack.

Dark Justice

The events surrounding the discovery of Jack’s real identity in itself brings as much chaos to the characters as Jack himself.  With Sid’s involvement being explained as pure chance and the new team-up of Sid and Black Fury almost makes the past repeat itself, only this time it’s the involvement of average guy, Sid that prevents the same mistakes being made.

McLean has lead us through an exceptional four issues, bringing us humour, mystery, adventure and all wrapped up in that Superhero escapism that we love……add to that the artwork of Oliveira with its smart contrasts between the past and present and a savvy panel layout that keeps the pace and reveals exactly where they need to be.  If these 4-issues aren’t in your collection….then you’re just doing it all wrong – the indie scene in Glasgow and the UK is emphasized in a title like No More Heroes.  A title where the passion and sacrifice to tell a story and tell it well is its own reward but hopefully the creative team will be getting more payback on this.  With the SICBA award from last year in the bag, I’d expect to see more buzz around this now it’s complete, now that it’s reached such a satisfying conclusion….with the added hint that there could be more in those last few panels.  More people should get titles like this and more people should see the talent on offer outside those big name publishers.

No More Heores



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Bought this series based on your reviews, I have to say I loved it, Jack Slaughter is an amazing and brutal character, I wish there was more!

Comment by Liam Friel

Glad to hear you liked it – Gordon’s working on his next title and as you say – hope there’s more of NMH.

Comment by G-Man

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