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December 21, 2012, 10:37 am
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Amazing Spider-Man #700

I don’t think we could have a list of highlights that didn’t include Amazing Spider-Man and even though 2012 saw a fairly muted response to the latest movie, the comic has gone from strength to strength in the hands of Dan Slott.

It’s true that there have been some dips in the title but the consistency Slott has brought to the title surely can’t be questioned, shaking life into a character that had maybe lost its way for a while and it had certainly lost me as a reader.  That being said there have been some extreme responses to what he’s been doing with everyone’s favourite wall-crawler as death threats and abuse have been hurled at the writer.

Quite possibly one of the most senseless responses to a comic book I’ve ever heard of and even more surprising given what Slott has brought to the title.  None more so than with the #698 reveal as it eased into its final arc and a mind-blowing one at that.  2012 also saw the title reach a significant milestone as it celebrated its 50th Anniversary – not bad for a teenager bitten by a radioactive spider.

The high hopes for that final issue rests in the hands of Slott but I can’t think of anyone else who really has the ability to pull it off and with the quality of this final arc already shining through, it’s little wonder that he’s being kept on as writer for the Marvel Now release Superior Spider-Man.  I’m confident that ASM will end in typical, mind-blowing fashion and that will lead into a successful issue #1 with Superior in January.  A good time to be reading Spidey as it ends and begins – well played Dan Slott, well played.

The Superior Spider-Man #1


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