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December 20, 2012, 10:00 am
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Rise of the Third Army - The Lanterns #13's

From the start of DC’s new 52 reboot I picked up pretty much all titles from issue #1 and dropped pretty much all of them down to a core few titles.  Red Lanterns survived that cull and the recent DC trend for crossovers saw me pick up all the Lanterns titles again for Geoff Johns Epic crossover.

Now having missed out on some of the previous goings on outside the Red Lanterns I soon caught up with the prequel to Rise of The Third army in the Green Lantern Annual.  Unrest among the ranks see the Guardians secrets brought to light, the first Lantern still imprisoned by them and an army of parasitic beings are cast into the universe as they swarm into each of the lanterns titles.

A cameo by the Justice League too and the writing across the entire set of Lanterns titles seems to have been stepped up a gear.  A welcome change given how quickly I gave up on Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps & Green lantern: The New Guardians in favour of the Red Lanterns but I’m happy to be back reading the entire series involved in this crossover.  Not something I always do as I’d normally stick to the central title and especially now given that DC seem to be taking that direction with alot of their releases.

A galaxy covering, universe-altering crossover from each of the creative teams involved and with January bringing us the finale in the issue #16’s, I’m hyped to see how things go and where it will leave the future of the individual titles.


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