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December 17, 2012, 11:37 pm
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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

A DC release that initially slipped under my radar saw them start a six-issue mini-series as a celebration of He-Man’s 30th Anniversary………making me feel old and young again at the same time.

Certain 80’s cartoons just worked and arguably on a more regular basis than today’s efforts but the likes of Thundercats, Transformers & GI Joe have gradually made their comeback into today’s pop culture.  The thing is, the memories these titles conjure up are not CGI- laden, box office smashes but sitting cross-legged in front of the TV taking in every detail.  The bright colours, the hilarious jokes (at least for an 80’s cartoon) & the dark, moody villains that had us hiding behind the nearest cushion/sofa/adult.

All that being said the stories at heart were engaging and even the moral message that came after it had some resonance with me and I’m sure others.  That’s the magic and the gamble of releasing a modern-day release of well-loved heroes but in this mini the gamble played off and it all centres on Adam not even knowing that he is He-Man.  A Skeletor plot was surely the cause for this and the 4 issues released so far have geared us up with a strong foundation.  Fans of the stories from “Back in the day” will ease back into the world of Eternia without even noticing and I’m sure new readers will be grabbed by the instant good vs evil adventure.

There’s even been an origin of Skeletor one-shot (reviewed here) that ties in with this release and a soon to be released Origin of He-Man on the way….so all in all we’re filling in gaps & jogging memories of the characters & stories that helped bring us up.  Introducing us to the world of good vs evil on a daily basis and exciting the hell out of us as it went.  Kudos to DC for this release and for letting me reminisce about the good old days of cartoons & comics.


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