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December 12, 2012, 8:30 am
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Uncanny X-Men

OK – let me first start by saying this – Cyclops was right. I said it…what’s your problem?

This time last year I was raving about how glad I was to be back into the X-Men books – we’d just had a schism and a reader friendly relaunch of several titles to get things going – little did we know we’d have a battle with the Avengers on the horizon. Rather than picking sides, I picked up both Uncanny and Wolverine and the X-Men this year – both excellent titles – but unfortunately following a little something called AvX we’re now missing Cyclops’s Blue Team. And I’m pretty gutted about that.

The 20 issues we got from Kieron Gillen were spot on – exactly what I like my X-Men to be. Yes OK, Wolverine has the school and the whole growing up with mutant powers themes – but that hasn’t been X-Men for a long while – and while it’s nice to still have that element available to us, I much prefer having the team vs big bad dynamic. Which is exactly what Gillen gave us – X-Men vs Mr Sinister, X-Men vs Tabula Rasa and then finally X-Men vs The Avengers. If anything though, it felt like it was cut too short – it’s hard to tell how much of AvX was known going into the series, but it did feel like Kieron was just starting to plant characters like Unit into the overall story for a much grander purpose than what we got. But I’m still thankful for what we got.

It was very much a Cyclops book, so it’s just as well that Gillen nailed his voice and stuck to it. All through the series and it’s tie in with the AvX event I couldn’t help but imagine Kieron as the only one at the Marvel writers table backing Scott Summers and his Phoenix Five, heavily outnumbered by his Avenger foes. It’s always a hard side to take – Cyclops is a bit of a dick – but he’s usually a dick that’s right.

I’m a little unsure of what 2013 holds for the X-Men – although we’ll get back our Uncanny title, will it stand up to the last series? Like his total control of The Avengers in the past, Brian Michael Bendis is starting to stick his fingers in several X-Men pies, but with the dust still settling on the AvX aftermath, it’s unclear what direction he’s going to take Cyke and his new band of fugitives.

Craig @hastiecraig

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