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FF #1 – MARVEL NOW! by G-Man
December 10, 2012, 10:26 am
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FF#1 - Marvel Now!

With Matt Fraction’s Fantastic Four opener laying out their plans for a “vacation” it’s pretty apparent that his FF title will tie-directly into that with the added bonus of the trip being tackled from another perspective.

With Fantastic Four focusing on the impending voyage FF is being used as a vehicle for the teams to choose their own replacements as a precaution while they are off-world in search of new worlds…..and the crucial cure that Reed Richards needs.  This proves to work as this issue is split between the 4 different approaches the founding members take in approaching their fill-ins.

Replacement for Reed

Intermingled with these different meetings we have brief interludes where the other FF members try to layout what the FF means to them and what is to be expected when you’re a member.  With Medusa, Ant-Man, She-Hulk & Ms Thing taking their places after some convincing from Reed and the gang.  Fraction is keeping a link between the two titles while introducing a team reshuffle but it’s smartly done and the significant differences in the art styles makes that separation all the more significant.

Mike Allred art

Michael Allred’s art won’t suit everyone but its quirky, cartoony take helps ease the title away from the main Fantastic Four title with style.  In fact, the art makes this title stand out more than the main title for me as it definitely feels like a much more significant attempt at a new direction.  A top creative team on a top new Marvel Now release and one that should be interesting to see how it develops alongside Fractions other title.



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