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December 10, 2012, 9:45 am
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Amazing Spider-Man #699

Following a fairly reflective issue #698 (reviewed here) that contained a REAL surprise for most fans of the title, or at least those who managed to stay away from the spoilers, we saw Dan Slott set-up the last arc for the Amazing Spider-Man title.  (SPOILERS AHEAD…’ve been warned :D)

Now while I tried to steer clear of revealing that spoiler in the previous issue review (minus the stealth spoiler hidden in the image I used in the post) there is no way I can discuss this midway point without talking about the fact that Doc Ock is Peter Parker and Peter Parker is Doc Ock.  There, I said it and even though I read that previous issue several times I still can’t believe that Slott has taken the title in this direction for its final arc.  Unlike other Spidey fans though, I’m pleased he has.  While I’ve dropped in and out of the title in recent years I’ve managed to catch the last few arcs and with a mixed feeling about them I was blown away with what Slott is trying here.  In this issue we’ve firmly settled into that post-reveal feel as Peter Parker continues with his usual life…….only he’s STILL Doc Ock and we are firmly held in Doc Ock’s take on life from the inside of a super-villain jail.

Doc Ock resuscitated

Keep in mind that Doc Ock is at the edge of his life and after being resuscitated we’re trapped in the prison within a prison that is Doc Ock’s body and Peter is trying to out think one of the few villains that seems to be a match for him…..albeit that he’s outsmarted him on this occasion.  Pete’s gritty determination shines through as he gets his head around what’s happening and he’s working on a plan to get things back to normal.  He takes control of one of Ock’s Octo-Bots and rallies the support he needs for a jailbreak – a who’s who of the criminal element in the city and his new allies soon break him and a few key others out of the floating prison they are in.  One issue to go and one mission to go for this newly founded sinister six……find Spider-Man and bring him in alive.  I hate Dan Slott for this…..he’s making me wait for issue #700 and he’s making my head hurt with the possibilities that issue will hold.

The countdown to that final issue is on and I can’t wait…….that’s all thanks to Slott for that (who I don’t hate….I was just kidding earlier).  A final arc that may well spell out how he tackles the Marvel Now Spider-Man title which makes me glad that Slott is on-board with that.  It makes sense not to change the writer at this stage and it makes it a definite addition to the pull-list.



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