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December 9, 2012, 8:30 am
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Batman 5 Panel 2

Scientists have proven that the chances of Batman appearing on our Best of lists each year is the same as getting socks at Christmas. Yay for science….and Batman!

OK so I had the caped crusader on here last year, but let’s face it, the Dark Knight has had a pretty decent year again. Let’s start with the standout main title from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo – we’ve seen the incredible Court of the Owls story wrap up following so many twists and turns you were never quite sure who was really behind it all and if the whole cast would come out of it alive. Then follow that up with a bad ass Joker story arc – for a character that’s typically overused in Gotham, DC’s poster boy Snyder is showing us all how superhero comics still have plenty of life in them yet. He’s also a super nice guy to chat to!

As for the other supporting bat-titles, although I’ve slimmed down on owning every comic with the word bat in it, there’s still several books that have done Gotham proud this year including Batman Incorporated, Batgirl and Batman & Robin. Gail Simone continues to entertain us with the lighter side of the being in the Bat family, while at the same time playing out the struggles of everyday life. Almost 12 months ago I was on the edge of whether of not to continue with Batman & Robin – I couldn’t clearly see where the book was headed and had strong opinions on what I wanted to see. Thankfully the initial arc picked up considerably through the second half and Tomasi has proven that he knows what this book is about – the dynamics between both a crime-fighting duo and a Father and Son.

Outside the world of Comics, The Batman’s impressed us in the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Even though most people did enjoy the film, it didn’t seem to wow over everyone quite as much as the Dark Knight – however that didn’t stop me from seeing it 3 times in the cinema and playing the soundtrack on a loops for several months. Yes it had a few major plot holes, but it was entertaining as all hell. Now I just need to plan my Blu-Ray marathon of all 3 films!

Craig @hastiecraig

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