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December 8, 2012, 8:00 am
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Marvel AR App

Marvel have been taking some pretty clear steps towards embracing the digital approach to comics and even though most old skool geeks like me still prefer the physical copy of a comic…..I’m being gradually convinced by some of their developments.

With a free digital copy of the comic coming with their releases these days the opportunity to compare them is there from the off and with a few of their ‘Infinite’ releases showing off a new direction that storytelling could take in a digital format it’s safe to say that a healthy future may well be ahead in a purely digital format.

While it’s not strictly going to be an all out switch over for me the added intrigue their Augmented Reality (AR) App has been able to bring has surely made that progression a little more realistic.  The approach is fairly simple, keep an eye out while you’re reading for that AR symbol and then scan that page with your iPad/mobile device and you’ll get extra content that may have been previously confined to a chance discovery online.

With scenes shown from their sketch beginnings through to their final inked appearance and some interesting creator interviews or even the science/legal facts behind some of the key events making up the issue you’re reading – it’s certainly helped to expand the depth of most titles out there.  At the very least it’s given me some exercise as I wave about my iPad trying to get the AR icon recognized and in most cases it’s been worth the effort.

With a broad range of extra material hidden in there it’s sure to make you take note of the work involved in some of the issues, give you an extra few laughs or even make you learn stuff – expanding the comic book experience from more than just a throw away story or speed-read to get through that full arc.  Worth a look at the very least and there’s sure to be some moments in the content to grab your interest.


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