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December 7, 2012, 10:00 am
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The Shadow

Dynamite Entertainment seem to have been able to get hold of some of the most recognized pulp & cult characters, from Green Hornet & The Phantom through to the likes of The Bionic Man but the news of Garth Ennis’ involvement in the title initially had me wondering how his style would work with one of my favourite characters.

I got through my initial concerns quickly as the 6-issue arc from Ennis breathed life into a fresh take on The Shadow aka Lamont Cranston.  A tale of adventure and the criminal underworld trying to exert it’s power in New York and beyond where Ennis is able to keep the mystery intact while revealing key details throughout this first story.  Art from Aaron Campbell brought us a firm idea of the darkness The Shadow manipulates while contrasting that well with a mix of day-to-day events and investigations in the life of Lamont Cranston.

Ennis did inject a fair amount of blood and violence in the title but only as a tool to emphasize the key elements of the story that demanded this over the top approach.  Strong characterization in the supporting cast members in the title would ensure that the momentum and interest in the story was maintained at a fairly high level.  In typical Dynamite fashion there was also the offer of multiple variants for the title as Alex Ross, Jae Lee, John Cassaday and classic writer/artist Howard Chaykin provided their own take on the character with some highly detailed and impressive covers.


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