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Uncanny Avengers #2

Writer Rick Remender managed to team-up with John Cassaday to create a strong opening issue for this Marvel Now title and I was hopeful it would be the start of a new title I would be desperate to see month after month.

I’m pleased to say that this wasn’t just a fluke with the Marvel Now hype as the title settles in quick to the kind of plot that instils the depth and mystery we’d expect from an Avengers/X-Men vs Red Skull title.  With the mutants of the world still getting used to the fact that Charles Xavier is gone and the Avengers trying to deal with the fallout from the latest mutant attack in NYC, things are gradually beginning to reveal themselves.

Red Skull

As the Red Skull spreads his propaganda throughout the world and triggers further distrust in the new mutants appearing in the world there’s a definite aim to vilify them and make them key targets.  With Rogue captured and held hostage she soon plans her escape and tackles two members of Red Skulls mutant henchmen in the process.  We’re then given much more of a back story on the Red Skull himself as his other hostage; The Scarlet Witch seems to be completely under his control.  A confrontation between Scarlet Witch and Rogue spills over into another part of their prison and the horrific discovery of what happened to Charles Xavier’s body is discovered……..along with the evil reasons behind Red Skulls plan.

Scarlet Witch - hostage

This title seems to be thriving on that dun-dun-dun reveal at the end of each issue so far and it’s working well as Remender builds a much bigger, multi-layered plot and one that’s managing to keep me guessing.  John Cassaday’s art is well matched to the story too as he’s able to help emphasize those big reveals and build intrigue as the story develops.  I also love that cover from him too.



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