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December 5, 2012, 10:00 am
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Spinning out of the success of The Avengers movie came a brand new on-going series from Marvel which saw Matt Fraction & David Aja team-up and give us an unexpected take on the Avenging archer.

While previous takes on the characters had completely focused on his superhero side while he worked with the Avengers and other characters from the Marvel Universe this new on-going gave us something fresh and new.  A title focusing on Clint Barton, the man behind the mask and it detailed the run-of-the-mill life he was trying to escape to while on some much needed down-time.

We’re only 4-issues in but it’s been quite some time since a title has entertained me so consistently and sparked that fine balance between its subtle humour and action so well.  Clint became the buddy you’d have a beer with as I was instantly able to connect with the character from issue one.  Fraction weaves an interesting story of Clint being an average Joe who just happens to be good with arrows and who just happens to find trouble with ease, while Aja backs that up with some smart panel layouts and his usual highly detailed artwork on show throughout.

A well-paced, smart & funny title with style makes sure this is one of those titles I struggle to decide when to read – as soon as I get it or save it for last….and there’s few other titles that make me toil over that decision.

You can catchup on our reviews of the previous issues here – #1, #2, # 3 & #4


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