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ALL NEW X-MEN #2 by G-Man

All New X-Men #2

The time-travelling element is firmly put in place in this second issue of Brian Michael Bendis’ Marvel Now take on the mutant team.

The post-AvsX vibe is evident as the modern day Beast travels back in time to enlist the help of Cyclops and the other X-Men members from the past.  Prior to Scott Summers change of character, prior to the death of Professor X and strangely enough the modern day Beast seems pretty upfront in dropping these truth-bombs on the X-Men of the past.  Paradox be damned as he lays out a future that none of them suspect and certainly not all being triggered from a man like Scott Summers.

X-Men of the past

They’re skeptical at first but a quick Time Cube journey later and the X-Men of the past have been brought into the future to help confront the future Cyclops and see if they can ease the chaos that’s been created following AvsX.  Modern day Beast collapses amidst a Future/Past self face to face and the issue closes out with the visiting team hijacking the Quinjet and heading off to find the now criminal Scott Summers and his new team of allies.

Beast returns from the past

Bendis works his magic in this title and for me, it’s the first X-Men title in a while that I look forward to being released.  His typically strong approach to developing interesting characters helps build the tension between the future and past X-Men while starting to hint at the action that’s sure to kick-off as this arc develops.  This in fact, gives Stuart Immonen a good chance to drop similar hints as to how he will handle these action sequences with a brief confrontation between Wolverine and the newly arrived X-Men of the past.  A sequence that holds energy and that will surely increase.



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