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Ultimate Comics Iron Man #2

The Ultimate Iron Man title continues from Marvel and I’m thankful to say that the countdown to Tony Stark’s latest armour exploding has been stopped in its tracks thanks to Jarvis but the mystery surrounding The Mandarin is growing.

In what looks to be a case of Corporation vs Corporation, Stark takes to the skies and visits China in an attempt to find out who is to blame for the recent system hacks that have Tony on the defensive and S.H.I.E.L.D. concerned over the same perpetrator making similar attempts against them.  He manages to avert another attempt to take control of his armour that leaves him unconscious in a suit set to autopilot for getting him home.

Stark investigates

Cue Carol Danvers reading the riot-act to Tony as China make moves to sue him for his recent exploits while visiting the country.  This of course doesn’t deter the single-minded Stark as he calls in some backup by visiting Rhodey as he’s running some test flights against the latest Stark drones.  The plot thickens further as a shipload of drones bursts into life and starts their attack on Tony/Rhodey in the latest cyber attack on Stark industries.

Stark calls on Rhodey

The pace is being sustained by writer Nathan Edmondson as he writes a true mystery for Tony as The Mandarin’s stealth attack seems to be one step ahead of our central hero.  His quirky, smart-mouthed persona is shining through and there’s just as much fun developed here in the Ultimate Universe as there has been in the movie version.  The artwork from Matteo Buffagni has even more action to inject energy into and this is accomplished with real style with a mix of strong panel layouts and highly detailed imagery.

The most fun incarnation of Tony Stark I’ve read in a while and further evidence that an on-going Iron Man title in the Ultimate Universe has a place and if performed with similar style to this creative team, it could sustain itself well.



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