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December 3, 2012, 12:26 pm
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Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan

The Before Watchmen releases were announced with a sea of mixed opinions, splitting the fans almost 50/50 on whether it was a good idea or not but a set of mini-series were started this year with a fairly mixed level of success.

We had Silk Spectre, Rorshach, Comedian, Ozymandias, Dr Manhattan, Minutemen & Moloch all started their own 4 or 6 issue mini’s with a Dollar Bill one-shot coming out in January 2013 as well.   The highlight of those for me though has been Dr Manhattan where writer J. Michael Straczynski & artist Adam Hughes bring us probably the deepest title from the releases.  With Manhattan’s BIG life questions and philosophy steeping the pages in science and the kind of glorious art we’ve come to expect from Hughes.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a massive fan of the original Watchmen release….I just struggle to connect with it but I picked up ALL the Before Watchmen titles with high hopes of being able to bridge that gap and maybe with a view to return to the source material and only this title has convinced me that it would be worthwhile doing that……time while tell if I do though.


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