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December 2, 2012, 8:00 am
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As Image Comics had been such promising source for new releases in 2011 – there were high hopes within Comics Anonymous and beyond, that that trend would continue in 2012.  It certainly did with a typically broad range of titles impressing the comic-reading masses but this release had many in agreement that it was one of the best reads out there.

With Brian K. Vaughn on writing duties and Fiona Staples on art – we had a perfect match for this exiting, different and sometimes strange title.  As strange creatures, new planets and some bizarre sights combined to give us an epic title in which we had no idea what the next issue would bring.  Possibly that was part of the magic but the quality of the writing and the sheer inventiveness of the world captured in these pages soon became evident and soon became the hook that meant that the wait between issues would frustrate and annoy…it’s THAT good!

Its boy falls in love with girl, have baby, go on the run to another galaxy while sex, ghosts, war & bounty hunters – that in itself is a pretty broad subject for any title but the craft of BVK’s characterisations coupled with the savvy panel layout and imagery from Staples makes this stand out, with its occasional comparison to Star Wars – I think even that is only in terms of its scale as there’s a definite modern day feeling to it….albeit on another world.

A “go-to” title for comic newbies and long-term fans alike with more than enough variety to appeal to the vast majority of both – I mean, when was the last time you had fun reading a book – making you giggle, go “WTF?” and actually give a damn about the outcome.  If you’re not reading this then you should be…’s epic, inventive world & characters will have hooked from issue #1.


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