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December 1, 2012, 8:00 am
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We’re officially into the last month of 2012 – Christmas and New Year are just around the corner but before our minds drift ahead with what 2013 will bring is – the Comics Anonymous gang thought we’d look back over 2012 and pick out our best bits….the things that surprised us….the things that entertained us….and the things that we’ll return to read/watch again….first up is movie release Dredd.

2012 saw the release of some pretty significant comic book movies – with Marvel’s Phase 1 reaching its climax with Avengers, Nolan’s trilogy reaching its end with Dark Knight Rises and a reboot seeing The Amazing Spider-Man hitting the big screen.  These were all high points (even with their flaws) in the releases for 2012 but for me, the most enjoyable and the biggest surprise came from Dredd.  It could be that 1995’s Judge Dredd attempt from Stallone still lingered in my memory but there was something about this incarnation of the much-loved 2000AD character that made it stand-out.

True there was a heavy similarity between this an ‘The Raid’….but the Raid didn’t have Karl Urban as Dredd…..a lifelong fan of the character and a grizzled, deadpan delivery ensured that for the duration of the film…..Urban became Dredd, Urban embodied that faceless persona of justice that I’m sure Wagner & Ezquerra envisioned back in 1977.  The other characters were equally well cast and the true sci-fi feel of a bleak Mega-City One was captured well in one of the first 18-rated releases I’ve seen in a while – so no dumbing it down for the masses.

Only downside for me was that it didn’t do better in the box office and the much talked about sequels may very well be in doubt – it’s a harsh outcome for such a successful celluloid conversion.  We can only hope that the DVD/Blu-Ray release helps reclaim that hope for more.

Fuller review of the movie here.


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